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jun 23 2008

Ling and halibut caught on long line

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Some pictures dropped into may mailbox today. The pictures were sent by Torstein Halstensen and show some highlights from his last fishing trips. Earlier I have showed pictures of a giant ling and the one caught recently by Torstein and his friends is a nice one too. The ling (shown below) was taken with long lines on deep water off the coast of Norway.

Large ling

On «A fish blog» you will find a couple of posts about Torstein and his friends tagging halibut. All halibut caught are tagged and released. Below there are two pictures showing halibut caught on long lines. On the first picture Kjetil Tjeldflått is hauling the line.

Fishing halibut

A halibut caught in Norway

On the picture above you can see Torstein holding a halibut with the red tag placed near the dorsal fin. The picture was taken by an experienced halibut fisherman; Sigfred Kvellestad.

The last picture shows Arild Henneli holding a halibut just before it was released. We can also se the «edible» part of the catch; mostly large ling. Each hook on the line was baited with half a mackerel.

Halibut and ling

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