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des 19 2009

Fishing bluefin tuna in Norway – a unique film

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The giant tuna – bluefin tuna – once was a common fish along the Norwegian coast. Every summer large schools of bluefin tuna entered the coast. From 1950 this became an important fishery for Norwegian purse seiners. The film shown below shows a Norwegian fishing vessel named «Speranza» on the fishing grounds in 1967.

In 1986 the last school of bluefin tuna was surrounded by a Norwegian purse seine. Today the bluefin tuna is endangered – suffering from the pressure of commercial interests all over the world. Norway has a quota, but the Norwegian Department of Fishery has stated that Norway will not fish bluefin tuna until the stock is managed in a responsible way and in accordance with the advice and recommendations given by scientists.

Norway is familiar with overfishing, but the nation has learned by mistakes done in the past. Hopefully the bluefin tuna some day again will find its way northwards to the feeding areas along the Norwegian coast.

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jul 18 2009

Small Croatian fishing boats

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I will like to post two pictures of small Croatian fishing boats. Croatia has a fishing fleet consisting of large trawlers and purse seiners, but on this post you will see smaller boats used by the locals for traditional fishing, nowadays more in terms of recreational fishing.


The picture above is taken in Seget Vranjica not far from Trogir. I will visit Trogir later this summer and hopefully I will learn more about the use of these boats and the traditional fishing gear.

The next picture shows a boat in Tucepi (a bit further southeast on the Croatian coastline). A lot of similar boats was seen in Tucepi and in the evening they left the harbour. The boats is then easily seen not far from the coast as the fishermen use lights to attract the prey. This way of fishing squids can be observed from late summer till late fall.


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apr 03 2009

The biggest male halibut

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The Atlantic halibut is one of the biggest fish found in Norwegian waters. While the female halibut can reach a weight of more than 200 kilos, the male is considerably smaller. The pictures shown on this post are taken during a tagging experiment in the western part of Norway. The halibuts are caught on long lines.

It was believed that the maximum size of male halibuts in Norwegian waters was about 50 kilos which was the weight of the biggest male halibut caught by then.

A couple of days ago I got some pictures in my mailbox. The pictures were sent me by Torstein Halstensen who is an eager halibut-tagger. He uses a lot of his spare time and holidays to catch and tag halibut in order to get better knowledge about the behaviour of this vulnerable species.

Male halibut

The halibut shown on this page is a male which proportions are breaking the former record. This male was 1,75 meters long, weighing 75-80 kilos.

biggest male halibut

The fish was tagged and released, and if it get caught again we will learn more about the maximum size of male halibuts.

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aug 28 2008

Fishing sprat in Norway

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Late summer the sprat is found in Norwegian fjords. When the quality of the sprat is good enough for the buyers, the fishery starts. This fishery has a long tradition in Norway, but nowadays only a few vessels are participating. The fresh photos shown on this page are given by Kåre Grønsnes who lives in Hardangerfjorden, a fjord in the southwestern part of Norway.

Fishing sprat

A small seiner is looking for sprat in Harangerfjorden in August 2008.

Fishing sprat in Norway

The oldest (but still beautiful) fishing vessel in Norway; «Fremad II». Here seen with a smaller seiner during a brake in the fishery. «Fremad II» was built in Enland in 1888. If you scroll up to the header of Afishblog you will see the same vessel fishing bluefin tuna in 1968.

Fishing sprat with seine

The sprat is located and the seine is set.

Vessels fishing sprat

Here are some of the small seiners participating in the sprat fishery.

Selling sprat

Live sprat is delivered from a small seiner to a fish carrier.

Working with the seine

While waiting for the fish carrier, the crew is forcing the sprat to gather in one part of the seine. This year (2008) the fishery in Hardangerfjorden was very good, giving hopes for this fishery in the future.

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