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apr 30 2012

Sea tadpole – a rare catch

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Trawling in the Norwegian Sea may give strange species to the catch. The pictures in this post shows two sea tadpole which was taken when trawling for blue whiting.

The sea tadpole (Careproctus reinhardti) is rarely more than 30 cm. long and it has no color. You can see straight through the fish as the blood and the veins give the fish a touch of red or pink. This fish is found in deep waters in the northern part of The Atlantic ocean.

careproctus reinhardti

Thanks to Øyvind Tangen who has taken the pictures.

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feb 05 2012

European seabass in january

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The european seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) is not a common fish i Norwegian waters. Still every summer some seabass get caught in the Norwegian fjords. The pictures below show a rare catch of european sebass in January. This is an unusual catch as the seabass normally seek out of the fjords and into the Atlantic Ocean during fall.

The fish seen on this pictures were caught by using a net. Photo: Kåre Grønsnes

Eurpoean seabass

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sept 19 2011

Atlantic bonito returning to Norway

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Last year schools of Atlantic bonito visited Norway. Scientists and sport fishermen wondered if this was just an accidental visit or if the Atlantic bonito would find their way back to Norway in the summer of 2011.

Well, the bonito returned, but they were not as numerous as in 2010. While hundreds of Atlantic bonito were caught last year, less than 50 has been caught this year. The size of the fish indicates that it is the same year-class that visited the coastal areas last year. The decline in catches and the size of the fish may not be a good sign for those who hoped for a new migration pattern towards Norway and Sweden.

Atlantic bonito in NorwayStill; fish have been caught; like the one on the picture above. This one was caught by Øyvind Mong on june 24th in the southern part of Norway. The main question is still not answered. Has this fish returned or has it stayed near the coast throughout the winter and spring?

Atlantic boninto (sarda sarda)Last year most of the Atlantic bonito were caught during fishing for mackerel. It is therefore possible that the bonito entering the coast in 2010 has stayed – and migrated – along with local stocks of mackerel in fjords or in The North Sea. I guess we’ll never know, but we will have the same expectations and question coming up next year. Will it return?

Thanks to Øyvind Mong for using the pictures.

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mar 25 2010

Found old halibut spawning ground

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The halibut in Norway suffers from previous decades of over fishing. The situation is fortunately improving but strict regulation is still necessary if the stoch should be able to grow to former hights.

hailbut on line

Torstein Halstensen has spent years tagging halibut from serveral areas in the souther part of Norway. He spend most of his spare time in a boat, fishing for halibut. By tagging, releasing and recapturing the fish he has added new knowledge about the migration pattern and behavior of halibut from different areas. Some fish are recaptured at the exact same position as it was tagged.

hailbut fight

In an email Torstein tells about the finding of a spawning ground in a fjord. Torstein has interviewed a lot of old fishermen and searced through a lot of old documents in his search for traditional spawning grounds. One that has been forgotten for decades was recently re found by Torstein.

He does not share information about the locations of all the spawning grounds he has found. His work is done in order learn more about how we can protect the halibut – not as a guide for fishermen who want to fish as much halibut as possible.

halibut on boardThe pictures in this post shows Torstein fishing halibut in a Norwegian fjord. All the halibut are being tagged and then released.


While the small ones can be lifted on board, the biggest must enter the boat from the stern.

big halibutTorstein has long experience in getting the halibut off the hook without causing damages to its mouth. Last year he caught the biggest male halibut ever in Norwegian waters. The last picture shows a halibut that is recaptured and then tagged by Torstein for the second time. Photos: Audun Skjølberg

tagged halibut

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