sept 19 2011

Atlantic bonito returning to Norway

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Last year schools of Atlantic bonito visited Norway. Scientists and sport fishermen wondered if this was just an accidental visit or if the Atlantic bonito would find their way back to Norway in the summer of 2011.

Well, the bonito returned, but they were not as numerous as in 2010. While hundreds of Atlantic bonito were caught last year, less than 50 has been caught this year. The size of the fish indicates that it is the same year-class that visited the coastal areas last year. The decline in catches and the size of the fish may not be a good sign for those who hoped for a new migration pattern towards Norway and Sweden.

Atlantic bonito in NorwayStill; fish have been caught; like the one on the picture above. This one was caught by Øyvind Mong on june 24th in the southern part of Norway. The main question is still not answered. Has this fish returned or has it stayed near the coast throughout the winter and spring?

Atlantic boninto (sarda sarda)Last year most of the Atlantic bonito were caught during fishing for mackerel. It is therefore possible that the bonito entering the coast in 2010 has stayed – and migrated – along with local stocks of mackerel in fjords or in The North Sea. I guess we’ll never know, but we will have the same expectations and question coming up next year. Will it return?

Thanks to Øyvind Mong for using the pictures.

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mai 30 2011

Atlantic bonito in Norway

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Last summer we got a new visitor in Norwegian waters. It all started when a bonito (Sarda Sarda) was caught in a net in the southern part of Norway. Then reports about Atlantic bonito came from the eastern part and the western part of the coast.

Sarda Sarda

Small schools of bonito were also caught in purse seine by fishermen fishing for mackerel. The pattern of the catches indicates that the bonito hit the coast in southwest and then split. Some migrated northwards along the western coast while others migrated eastwards.

During fall Danish and Swedish anglers got the «bonito-fever» as fish passed Skagerrak and migrated into Kattegat. Such a massive migration to The North Sea and Swedish and Danish waters has never happened before, and this event was also exciting to the marine biologists.

Atlantic bonito

Even this winter a couple of atlantic bonito were caught in the western part of Norway. Norwegian marine biologists have collected several species in order to take biological samples. Anglers, fishermen and biologists have some hopes for the next summer. Was this just a rare occation or will the atlantic bonito find their way back to Norway?

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nov 07 2010

Ocean Sunfish in Norway

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Sometimes we get rare visitors in Norwegian waters and a few days ago a small ocean sunfish (mola mola) was caught in a Norwegian fjord. The fish seen on the pictures in this post was caught in a purse seine while fishing for sprat.

ocean sunfishWith snow in the air it is not expected to catch species like this, and the fish had hardly any chance of surviving in the cold water this time of year. Warm sea water this summer can explain why this small ocean sunfish chose to migrate so far north. It is not a regular guest in Norwegian waters and very few individuals have been caught or observed in Norway.

sunfishThe ocean sunfish may reach a length of more than 3 meters, but this young fish was only about 70 cm. long. Although it has a very special shape, it sure has beautiful colors. Photos: Dag Andre Gunvaldsen.

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sept 21 2010

Cockles recipe

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Last Sunday I went for a walk along the seashore. I know of a beach were there are several species of shells, and the cockles are easy accessible right under the mud and small stones. I picked about 20 cockles of different seize, but avoiding the biggest (and oldest). Home at my kitchen I let the cockles rest in fresh water for half an hour. A look into my refrigerator made me make my own recipe for this day.

cooking cockles

I cut half an onion and put it in a pot with some olive oil and and a small piece of butter. I fried the onion for a couple of minutes. I then added some milled pepper, salt and a garlic clove. A minute later I added a cup of apple juice (as I did not have any white wine), and turned up the heat. When it started to boil I added the fresh cockles – starting with the biggest. 4-5 minutes later the cockles were opened. The cockles were put on a plate – and eaten as they were.

cockles recipe

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