apr 30 2012

Sea tadpole – a rare catch

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Trawling in the Norwegian Sea may give strange species to the catch. The pictures in this post shows two sea tadpole which was taken when trawling for blue whiting.

The sea tadpole (Careproctus reinhardti) is rarely more than 30 cm. long and it has no color. You can see straight through the fish as the blood and the veins give the fish a touch of red or pink. This fish is found in deep waters in the northern part of The Atlantic ocean.

careproctus reinhardti

Thanks to Øyvind Tangen who has taken the pictures.

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apr 29 2012

Small-spotted catshark with egg-cases

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The small-spotted catshark (Scyliorhinus canicula) is not a common catch in Norwegian waters, but once in a while a shark get caught in a fishing net.

catshark picture

The pictures on this page show a small-spotted catshark caught in the southern part of Norway (near Egersund). The fisherman (Øivind Mong) was a bit surprised when he found eggs in the shark. Several egg-cases were found and each egg has «strings» attached to each corner (see picture below). These strings help the egg-casees to «hold on» to something on the bottom. It takes 5-11 months for the embryos to develop.

Catshark egg

Thanks to Øivind Mong for the pictures.

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feb 27 2012

Biggest long rough dab in Europe

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On a survey in the Norwegian Sea Norwegian scientists got a big long rough dab (Hippoglossoides platessoides) in the trawl. The long rough dab is believed to reach a maximum length at 50 cm. in the eastern part of the Atlantic Ocean. The biggest and oldest species are females. The growth rate is slow and fish close to the maximum length are rare.

biggest long rough dabAs seen on the picture below this fish is more than 50 cm. long. The official length was set to 51 cm. although we can see that the fish tail is close to 52 cm.

record for long rough dab The pictures of the big long rough dab are taken by Øyvind Tangen.

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feb 05 2012

European seabass in january

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The european seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) is not a common fish i Norwegian waters. Still every summer some seabass get caught in the Norwegian fjords. The pictures below show a rare catch of european sebass in January. This is an unusual catch as the seabass normally seek out of the fjords and into the Atlantic Ocean during fall.

The fish seen on this pictures were caught by using a net. Photo: Kåre Grønsnes

Eurpoean seabass

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