apr 03 2009

The biggest male halibut

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The Atlantic halibut is one of the biggest fish found in Norwegian waters. While the female halibut can reach a weight of more than 200 kilos, the male is considerably smaller. The pictures shown on this post are taken during a tagging experiment in the western part of Norway. The halibuts are caught on long lines.

It was believed that the maximum size of male halibuts in Norwegian waters was about 50 kilos which was the weight of the biggest male halibut caught by then.

A couple of days ago I got some pictures in my mailbox. The pictures were sent me by Torstein Halstensen who is an eager halibut-tagger. He uses a lot of his spare time and holidays to catch and tag halibut in order to get better knowledge about the behaviour of this vulnerable species.

Male halibut

The halibut shown on this page is a male which proportions are breaking the former record. This male was 1,75 meters long, weighing 75-80 kilos.

biggest male halibut

The fish was tagged and released, and if it get caught again we will learn more about the maximum size of male halibuts.

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  1. Makoon 05 jul 2009 at 7:01 pm

    I saw a replica of the world record halibut up in Anchorage, AK. It was huge. It looked to be several hundred pounds and it was as tall as a man. Love the site. Btw, I write a blog about fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico. Check it out. http://www.spawningisimminent.blogspot.com