mar 21 2014

One vessel allowed to fish bluefin tuna in Norway

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Norway has a quota of 30 tonnes for 2014, and the Norwegian Department of Fishery has decided that the entire quota will be given to just one vessel. 30 tonnes is not much compared to the quotas of other ICCAT-members, but it is a start. 28 vessels had applied for the quota. Most of them had experience from former tuna fishing in Norway (back in the 1970’s and 1980’s),

Last year there were several observations of bluefin tuna in Norway. At one occation pictures were taken.

The vessel you can see on the picture below («Hillersøy») is the lucky winner, and the winner takes it all (30 tonnes), if the bluefin tuna return to the Norwegian coast in late summer and fall 2014.

Photos: Geir Olsen and

Below you can see a Norwegian vessel fishing bluefin tuna in 1967.


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  1. Alexon 25 apr 2014 at 10:59 am

    That clip from 1967 is just awesome!

    It’s on my bucket list to go fishing in Norway one day, but probably on a kayak not a huge boat.