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The deal fish – a beauty in the deep

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The deal fish (Trachipterus arcticus) is a real beauty. The slim and flat body shines like silver, and the red fins look like decorative feathers. This fish is a rare sight as it lives in deep waters (300-600 meters). Sometimes dead deal fish get washed ashore. This fish has not the same elegance on land, especially when it has bee dead for some days.

It is believed to be two different stocks of dela fish: One in the Northeastern Atlantic and another in the Northwestern Atlantic.

Deal fish caught in trawl. Photo: scanfishphoto.com

A Norwegian trawler got a lot of dela fish while trawling for blue whiting west of Ireland in March 2007. Scientists on board said that they never before had got so many deal fish on such a survey. The deal fish can grow to be three meters long.

Scientists and deal fish. Photo: scanfishphoto.com

Photos: scanfishphoto.com

The steward on the vessel prepared some deal fish for the crew. Reliable reports tells that the deal fish didn’t taste much. It had a jelly-like consistency and the crew left the dinner table early that day. Maybe the conclusion had been different with a steward and a crew from Asia?

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