mar 06 2010

Fishing herring with nets

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Today I got up early. I had an important appointment with two fishermen in the harbour. Yesterday they had set their herring nets on the old fishing ground west of our island, and they knew that the Norwegian spring-spawning herring had entered the coastline.

fishing herringAs the nets were hauled, we had hopes for the result although you never know anything for sure when it comes to the herring. The nets rose towards the surface and the first herring was glimmering in the sea. There were so much herring that the fishermen decided to haul the nets from the stern of the boat.

herring in netAfter an hour on the fishing ground we returned to the harbour. Some people were already waiting for fishing boats to come in with the catch. Buying herring in the harbour is an important tradition and the former importance of the herring fishery is not forgotten. The few fishermen that still participate in this fishery believe that the herring will stay on the fishing grounds for at least a week or two. I got my chance today – and it was a great experience.


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  1. Dr Alex Johnstonon 09 jan 2011 at 1:29 pm

    Another great article. Brings back memories of good times at home in Ireland. Europe has destroyed the fishing rights there now so you don’t get the same fishing community feeling anymore.

  2. Tom Hensonon 26 mar 2012 at 10:22 am

    Agree with alex. Being on a fishing boat just isnt the same now our rights have been destroyed.