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Lobster bait. What works best?

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Fishing lobster is one of my favorite hobbies. The question is the same every year: What lobster pots should I use and what bait is the best?

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After discussing this topic with a lot of fishermen I have come to a conclusion: The best bait is sait to be ballan wrasse, salted for a couple of weeks. The wrasse is fished during the summer and fall and then salted. The lobster prefer the smell of old and salt flesh.

The other favorite bait is mackerel. This should be smelly and almost rotten. Before it falls apart it is salted. The strong smell of carcass and salt attract the lobsters and keep the crabs away.

Mackerel. Photo: Kystbloggen

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  1. d.messengeron 18 nov 2010 at 2:57 am

    I have fished lobster for over 20 years and I believe fresh mackerel, (not salted) is by far the best bait for lobster. Most fishermen use salt bait because they stock up on bait before the season starts the salt only keeps the bait from rotting it dose not attract lobster. rock crab is great bait, simply punch a few holes in the crabs shell, sculpin fish are also great because they last for days and have a strong sent lobster cant resist,letting the sculpin rot for a couple days helps, cut the belly to expose the guts, be careful of the spines, a combination of all three and you cant lose.although bait is important it is equally important to have your traps in the right spot. lobster like to hide in holes they dig under large rocks. the distance from shore is also a factor, lobster move towards the shore as the water warms they need a certain tempature to release the eggs. the colder the water the farther from shore youll find them.the type of trap is a factor also.