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mar 25 2010

Found old halibut spawning ground

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The halibut in Norway suffers from previous decades of over fishing. The situation is fortunately improving but strict regulation is still necessary if the stoch should be able to grow to former hights.

hailbut on line

Torstein Halstensen has spent years tagging halibut from serveral areas in the souther part of Norway. He spend most of his spare time in a boat, fishing for halibut. By tagging, releasing and recapturing the fish he has added new knowledge about the migration pattern and behavior of halibut from different areas. Some fish are recaptured at the exact same position as it was tagged.

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In an email Torstein tells about the finding of a spawning ground in a fjord. Torstein has interviewed a lot of old fishermen and searced through a lot of old documents in his search for traditional spawning grounds. One that has been forgotten for decades was recently re found by Torstein.

He does not share information about the locations of all the spawning grounds he has found. His work is done in order learn more about how we can protect the halibut – not as a guide for fishermen who want to fish as much halibut as possible.

halibut on boardThe pictures in this post shows Torstein fishing halibut in a Norwegian fjord. All the halibut are being tagged and then released.


While the small ones can be lifted on board, the biggest must enter the boat from the stern.

big halibutTorstein has long experience in getting the halibut off the hook without causing damages to its mouth. Last year he caught the biggest male halibut ever in Norwegian waters. The last picture shows a halibut that is recaptured and then tagged by Torstein for the second time. Photos: Audun Skjølberg

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mar 06 2010

Fishing herring with nets

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Today I got up early. I had an important appointment with two fishermen in the harbour. Yesterday they had set their herring nets on the old fishing ground west of our island, and they knew that the Norwegian spring-spawning herring had entered the coastline.

fishing herringAs the nets were hauled, we had hopes for the result although you never know anything for sure when it comes to the herring. The nets